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Dear drone pilot,

Thank you in advance for taking an interest in how to fly a drone responsibly.

Why is this important? Let's compare a drone pilot to a car driver, for example. Why should a car driver behave responsibly is of course a simple question that everyone knows the answer to. No one wants to endanger themselves, others, damage their car, pay a fine or make their life difficult by dealing with even a minor accident. That makes sense.

But you might be surprised by the fact, that the drone pilot's motivation to behave responsibly is very similar. He doesn't want to endanger anyone with his flying, damage his drone, or get in trouble with the police or the Civil Aviation Authority. The problem is that the rules for the safe operation of drones are not yet as generally accepted and settled as the rules for road traffic. That's why many remote pilots often don't even know, that they are acting dangerously and their actions could bother or even endanger someone.

For this reason, the Fly Responsibly project was created in order to inform you about the applicable rules and to constantly, perhaps even annoyingly, appeal for their compliance. There is another reason to fly your drone safely, and that is to prevent the potential tightening of drone operation rules. Returning to the original analogy, if drivers drive through the municipality at the prescribed speed, it will probably not be necessary to lower the speed limit or install a speed radar to enforce adequate driver behavior by sending speeding fines.

Dear pilot, the future is in unmanned flying, but what this future looks like depends on the personal responsibility of each of us.

Team Fly Responsibly

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