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Modellers operation

Operation of model aircraft

The harmonized regulation regarding unmanned systems applies not only to the owners of drones, but also to model aircraft. In the context of the operation of model aircraft, we distinguish between operation in clubs and associations of aeromodellers that have received authorisation from the Civil Aviation Authority and operation in other clubs, as well as individual recreational operation outside any organisation.

Operators of model aircraft and flying toys who are not members of associations or clubs, or who fly outside the club model areas (e.g. on a municipal meadow, in a park or on their own property) must follow the same uniform operating rules as any other drone operator in the Open category. Therefore, such an operator may also be required to register (or pass a basic on-line test as a pilot) and must subsequently fly in compliance with the conditions set for the Open category, or obtain an operational authorization issued by the Civil Aviation Authority and fly within the limits of the Specific category.

For operation within authorised clubs and model aircraft associations there is a possibility of exemptions in the European regulation according to the risk assessment by the Authority. This exemption is valid until 31 December 2023. List of registered operators using these special conditions is published by the Civil Aviation Authority. Clubs not listed here continue to operate as any other individual model aircraft operator from 1 January 2023, according to the rules for the Open category.

Within the operation of model aircraft we distinguish:

  1. Individual operation of a model aircraft according to the uniform Open category rules or operation of a model aircraft in a club not registered by the Civil Aviation Authority. In addition to the Open category operating rules, such an operator may be subject to the obligation to register (as an operator or as a pilot to pass a test) and to mark his model.
  2. Operation organized within the clubs or associations of aircraft modellers, which are registered by the Civil Aviation Authority. Until 31.12.2023 their members can fly according to the exemption from the basic rules of operation, and to continue, they must submit an application by 30.6.2023, including all requirements and obtain authorization granted by the Civil Aviation Authority for flights in a Specific category. Each operator in a Specific category must be registered, including pilot exams, regardless of model weight. For more information about the operating conditions, contact your aircraft model club or association. A list of operators registered by the Civil Aviation Authority is published here.
  3. Operation in a geographical zone in which the basic operating restrictions do not apply (public model airfields). In the Czech Republic this procedure is not yet common, however, it is legislatively possible to create areas for the operation of drones or model aircraft with certain exceptions beyond the scope of the Open category rules, even without the need for club membership.
  4. Operation with an individual operational authorization in a Specific category. An individual modeller may also apply for this authorisation in Specific category, although this will probably be an exceptional procedure. Each operator in a Specific category must be registered, including pilot exam, regardless of model weight.