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Certified category of operation

The information is based on the European regulatory framework, which is gradually being introduced into the legislative environment of the Czech Republic. The information will be refined and updated with regard to the current situation.

The certified category is considered the most complicated and risky of the three categories of drone operation, in several ways. In the future, it is expected that drones will be flying over our heads carrying people or any cargo (including dangerous goods), although this may be unimaginable for some. In order to entrust our lives into the 'hands' of drones, we expect the highest possible safety assurance.

As the name of the category suggests, a number of certificates will be required. Unmanned systems falling into this category will have to go through a certification process already during the design, during the production itself and also during their maintenance, remote pilots, operational staff and the operators themself will also have to undergo demanding certification process. We can imagine it in such a way that legal entities and individuals who have something to do with production or operation must go through a demanding certification process comparable to the certification of today's manned aircraft. It therefore applies not only to the unmanned aircraft itself, but also to the remote control station, the systems used to initiate and terminate flight, and the command and control data link.

In general, unmanned aircraft larger than 3 m are classified in the Certified category, if they are also intended for flying over gathering of persons or aircraft intended for the transport of passengers or dangerous goods. It also includes aircraft for the operation of which the Civil Aviation Authority assesses (on the basis of an all-risk assessment) that the risk cannot be adequately mitigated in a Specific category.

The rules and conditions for the operation of unmanned aircraft are the subject to detailed development at the international level in ICAO, where the Air Navigation Services of the Czech Republic also contributes. Although in individual countries this operation may become a reality even earlier, the global effectiveness of the rules is planned for 2026.

Flying over gathering of persons with an unmanned aircraft larger than 3 m may be operated in a Specific category, unless the Civil Aviation Authority assesses, that it is classified in a Certified category (based on a risk assessment - e.g. SORA).