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DronView app

ANS Czech Republic has launched a special module of the web application AisView designed for pre-flight preparation for drone operators and pilots. The application is both web and mobile. The mobile application is currently only available in Czech language.

DronView is primarily used to familiarize with the layout of the airspace of the Czech Republic at low heights (up to 120 m above the ground), which are intended for drone operation. It reflects the current situation of airspace usage, which is essential to know for responsible flight planning, and at the same time provides meteorological data.

When using the app, please pay particular attention to:

  • Corresponding filter settings to the intended height of operation and weight of the drone (the settings are related to the applied operating restrictions);
  • correct input or interpretation of height (AGL - above ground level, AMSL - above mean sea level);
  • correct setting or interpretation of flight time or series of flights (time is given in UTC = Uniform Coordinated Time);
  • to ground risks (resulting from the issued measure of general nature of the CAA), which DronView app does not contain.

Please note that by planning a flight in DronView app does not in any way obtain an operational authorization issued by the Civil Aviation Authority

The application includes the ability to launch a GRID map tool, which specifies conditions for flights at controlled airports.