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Registration of the drone operator

All operators whose drones are equipped with a camera and are not certified as toys are required to register. Registration is valid in all EU Member States.

A toy is a drone that has been manufactured as a play device for children under 14 years of age, is certified with the basic CE mark and is stated to comply with Directive No. 2009/48/EC. Conversely, a drone that is not a toy should be clearly marked '14+' label on the packaging. We recommend that you always familiarize yourself with the user manual, where this information should be provided.

The registration of drone operators takes place on the portal managed by the Civil Aviation Authority and is free of charge. For operators under the age of 18, the registration is carried out by a legal representative on his/her behalf. The minimum age for remote pilots operating unmanned aircraft systems in the Open and Specific category is 16 years.

After successful registration, the operator will receive an email with a proof of registration of the unmanned aircraft system operator, which includes the operator's unique registration number. With this number, the operator marks all of his drones , including privately made ones. The number can be placed on the drones in the form of a label or written with a waterproof marker. You must also upload this number to a "remote identification system" if your drone is equipped with one.