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Digital map

The digital map is a public administration information system designed primarily for pilots of drones, i.e. unmanned systems (UAS), including model aircraft. The specialised map will introduce you with the layout and use of the airspace of the Czech Republic, especially (but not only) at low heights up to 120 m above the ground, including the possibility of displaying meteorological data. All of this information is key for flight planning of all drones. It will be available in the form of a web portal and a mobile application.

It is intended primarily for:

  • to provide and display selected aviation and meteorological information over the territory of the Czech Republic for flight planning for a wide range of users among UAS pilots, as well as general aviation, air rescue services etc., who often operate at very low heights; and

  • as a support tool for airspace management. In particular, for the temporary reservation of parts of the airspace for flying by one user or category of users and the establishing conditions for UAS to fly over the defined areas.

    The digital map will contain most of the objects that are part of the structure of the Czech airspace and are important for drone pilots. The graphical publication of data will increase its clarity, thus reducing the number of violations due to ignorance or, on the other hand, will lead to a significant increase in compliance with the applicable restrictions and rules, which will overall lead to an increase in air traffic safety.

    A secondary function will be the ability to download all airspace restrictions (so-called geo-zones) in a unified digital format. The purpose is to use the so-called geo-awareness function, thanks to which the remote pilot will be informed in case his drone approaches the boundaries of the flight restriction, or (depending on the type of drone) this functionality would prevent crossing such a boundary.

    If the UAS allows it, drone pilots are required to upload these current restrictions to the unmanned system (typically by a mobile phone connected to a remote control station) and follow them before each flight.

    At the same time, the digital map will be supplemented with more detailed conditions imposed on users by applicable legislation and links to other important websites, e.g. Czech Drone Rules, Aviation Information Service, Civil Aviation Authority and others.

    The following aviation data will be shown on the map:

    CTR and MCTR, TMA, ATZ of uncontrolled aerodromes, LKP, LKR, LKD, TSA and TRA, including currently announced activations, heliports, SLZ, PGZ and PG areas, temporary restricted areas and navigation warnings announced in the form of NOTAMs or airport NOTAMs.

    It is also planned to supplement the map with a topographic background for better orientation and evaluation of ground risks associated with flight planning, such as roads, railways, watercourses, towns and villages etc., and to add other digital geo-referenced data, such as protective zones of airports with height restrictions for UAS flight (processed in the form of grids), protection zones along roads, railways, in the vicinity of water sources or overhead engineering and telecommunication networks, as well as around specially protected areas and protective zones of objects important for defence of the state.

    Legally, the requirements for the digital map are anchored in the EU Regulation and also in the amendment to the Civil Aviation Act (Amendment to Act No. 49/1997 Coll., on Civil Aviation). The details are then determined by the implementing decree.